About the Marina

The Marina Dinevi Yacht Port is a modern yacht centre, in close proximity to the sunny Black Sea town of St Vlas. The Marina has been certified to provide port services since 28 December 2006 and the official opening ceremony took place on 16 June 2007.

The unique combination of mountain and sea provides the area with a mild climate, fresh air and more than 260 sunny days throughout the year. Surrounded by first-class beaches, restaurants and lively nightclubs, Marina Dinevi is a favorite destination for sea lovers during the summer.


Marina Dinevi is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in the northern part of the Gulf of Nessebar. Built directly below the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains, the port is naturally protected by the prevailing northern winds. Only 10 km away from the Marina is the ancient town of Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the regional center of Burgas is 40 km away.


By sea
If you come from south, the Marina is 110 nautical miles north of the Bosphorus and 32 nautical miles from the most southern entry port of Bulgaria – the port of Tsarevo. If you come from north, the Marina is 80 nautical miles from the northern sea border of Bulgaria and 54 nautical miles from the northern port of Balchik. Of course, you can pass a border check in the two largest ports in Bulgaria, respectively Varna at 36 nautical miles to the north and Burgas at 20 nautical miles south of the Marina. For more details click here.
By land
If you are traveling by car from Burgas, follow the E87 road in the direction to Varna for 35 km, before the passage through the Balkan Mountains turn right to Sveti Vlas and follow the signs for another 5 km to the Marina. Similarly, if you travel from Varna, follow the E87 road in the direction to Burgas for 75 km and after the passage through the Balkan Mountains turn left to Sveti Vlas. In case you do not have a car, you can rent one or to use bus transport. From Sveti Vlas there are regular city buses to the central bus station in Sunny Beach, which maintains bus lines to various cities in the country. If your destination is not among them, you will have to travel to Burgas or Varna as the case may be, where you can use in addition to the bus and rail transport.
By air
The nearest international airport is located 30 km from the Marina, in Sarafovo residential district, near Burgas. The Varna Airport is 102 km from the Marina and also maintains a number of domestic and international lines. Marina Dinevi has a licensed helipad and it is available for helicopters by air with a take-off weight below 2000 kg.


The Marina Dinevi was built as a private port with aquatory of 45 000 sq. m. and an adjoining area of 23 000 sq.m. Three main piers and five floating pontoons with a total length of the quay front of 1330 m provide the marina with 300 berths for yachts with a length of 5.00 to 31.00 meters.

Schematic layout of the berths
Schematic layout of the berths

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